I started photographing interior rooms for a friend of mine who just had major renovations in his home.

The room and the lighting had several different angles that would showcase the appliances and the room but they needed an extra boost with my lights.  This required using a tripod and adjusting the shutter speed to capture the warmth of the lighting and fill in the dark areas in the room. My lighting had to be subtle enough to do the job but not overpower or become the main light in the image. After several test exposures, I finally achieved my desired result.  For this image, I had used 3 lights to provide the desired mood of the room and highlight his design work.

His living room didn’t have a complete make-over as did his kitchen, but several design elements were added that needed to be showcased.  For this room and its contents, the camera was on a tripod and I had to wait for the sun to be clouded over as the light was streaming in the room from the large patio windows on the opposite side of the room.  The room could have been cropped in a little tighter, but the painting had to be shown full.

I find that expanding my horizons into other types of photography, how exciting it becomes and tapping into my minds databases the information needed for lighting and composition.  If you’ve renovated a room and want an image of the room for a magazine or for your out of town relatives, give me a call.  I would be glad to photograph your designs.  Have a good day.