Getting your senior portrait done can be a chore or it can be a fun experience. It’s all what you want it to be.
Senior portraits include the studio session which is usually a formal image for the yearbook, sometimes in a tux or a drape, depending on your school requirements. After the formal portrait is created, then you can have fun by changing into another outfit (s) and we create images in different poses and backgrounds showcasing your personality. Not all images are created with you smiling and we make sure that mom, dad and grandma have their images and you have yours.
Another way to have your senior portraits made is utilizing the outdoor places that western New York has to offer. One of the options that we offer is an “urban walk”. We work with you to select a place that is unique and can give you a variety of images that you can express yourself and have fun doing it. These images are taken of twins (obviously) that will be seniors this year and they were taken at Silo City in the downtown area. We spent about an hour on location walking around to the different spots within that area and created some dynamite images. It was really hard to select just a few images to highlight this photo session because the boys got into the “groove” of posing and “hamming” it up for the camera.
There are a multitude of places within the Buffalo area that we can go for portraits. If you like a park setting or a place with water or just the architecture, Kenwood can make it happen with you. Now is the time before your school schedule fills in your calendar and the weather is still cooperating. Call us for more information and your appointment.